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Mathi Pickle - 250gms

300 - 250 Rs.

You get 250gms of Treditional, preservative free Mathi Pickle.

Non-Veg Mini Meals Monthly Pay

3,360 Rs.

We serve Non Veg Lunch or Dinner @ Rs 140/- per person. (24 days pack)

Non-Veg Mini Meals Weekly Pay

700 Rs.

Non Veg Meals @ 140/- per person for lunch or dinner. (5 Days pack)

Malabar Chicken Biriyani

180 - 150 Rs.

Malabar chicken biriyani.

Erachi Biriyani

250 - 180 Rs.

Kerala Style Erachi Biriyani.

Mathi Curry Kerala Style

350 - 300 Rs.

200g of mathi fish Muragu chaar Curry (Red Chilly powder curry). Ideal for 2 members. Kerala Style.

Ayala Curry

450 - 350 Rs.

Kerala Style Ayala fish curry. 350g of ayala fish cut into 2 peices cooked in coconut milk.

Pattiri and Erachi Combo

180 - 150 Rs.

6pc of pattiri served with Erachi curry.

Prawns Roast

500 - 450 Rs.

350g of medium prawns cooked in coconut/sunfloer oil. Kerala style cooking.

Mathi Fry

120 - 100 Rs.

Two peice of mathi fry in coconut/sunflower oil. Kerala style fry.