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Have everything 34 products on the list Main Course
Kerala Parotta with Chicken Curry

200 - 125 Rs.

2Nos of Kerala Parotta with a portion of Chicken curry

Veg Pulao

125 - 70 Rs.

Veg Pulao with Raitha

Malabar Chicken Biriyani

180 - 150 Rs.

Malabar chicken biriyani.

Kerala Parotta with Egg Roast/Curry

135 Rs.

Kerala Parotta with Egg curry/roast

Chapathi with Erachi Curry/Roast

170 Rs.

Chapathi with Erachi Curry/Roast

Fish Curry Meals

140 Rs.

Kerala Rice or White rice served with Fish curry and Papad.

Kerala Parotta with Erachi Curry

200 - 150 Rs.

3Nos of Kerala Parotta with a portion of Erachi Curry

Non-Veg Mini Meals Monthly Pay

3,360 Rs.

We serve Non Veg Lunch or Dinner @ Rs 140/- per person. (24 days pack)

Non-Veg Mini Meals Weekly Pay

700 Rs.

Non Veg Meals @ 140/- per person for lunch or dinner. (5 Days pack)

Mini Meals - Monthly Pay

2,400 Rs.

We Serve Veg Lunch or Dinner @ Rs 100/- per person. for 24days.